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As its name implies, Inner Council Space is the central region of the area of space under the control of the Citadel Council. It is bordered by Outer Council Space, Earth Systems Alliance Space, and the Attican Traverse.

In addition to its centrality, Inner Council Space held great importance to the Council. For centuries it was home to the Citadel, the seat of galactic government. Its centralized location in the Serpent Nebula gave the region a focal point in Council Space. Now the Citadel is found in orbit around Earth where the Reapers took it in the final days of the Reaper War but that has not diminished the importance of the Region. Inner Council Space contains the homeworlds of several of the galaxy’s sapient races after all. These include the salarians and the turians, two of the races with representation on the Citadel Council, as well as the hanar and the volus, both of which also have Citadel representation. Finally, the homeworld of the krogan, a former Citadel race, is located within this region.

The Reapers paid particular attention to the Region throwing the bulk of their might at the turians who possessed the most powerful military in the galaxy. This did the turians little good however. No matter how much force or tactical maneuvering they brought to bear on the Reapers they were simply outmatched by the Old Machines.

Turian casualty rates were appalling. Their astounding courage in the face of losing whole divisions of troops in a grueling war of attrition cannot be overstated. Yet they never broke. Never gave up hope and in the end prevailed. With some help. Despite their unquestionable tenacity and toughness the turians would surely have fallen if had not been for Commander Shepard brokering a treaty with the krogan.

The key to the treaty was the promise to cure the genophage that had plagued the krogan for millennia leading them to the brink of extinction. Shepard was able to secure the cure from the Salarian Dalatrass under great protest. She believed the krogan must be kept in check or they would destroy them all but in the end she capitulated under threat from the Commander, Primarch Victus and Urdnot Wrex . Wrex, true to his word, sent his forces to aid the turians in protecting Palaven and ended up turning the tide against the reapers.

The treaty was not without consequence however. The salarian forces, aside from some rogue STG units, were withdrawn to salarian space and did not participate in the Reaper War. Because of this the salarians are currently in a place of great power in the galaxy. Their planets and colonies survived the Reaper War relatively unscathed and they possess a distinct advantage as the turians, asari, krogan and humans are all scrambling to rebuild their devastated homeworlds. The Salarian Dalatrass apparently holds a grudge against the humans for their participation in curing the krogan and she has subtly manipulated events against them in the years since the Reaper War. To say that relations between them are chilly is putting it mildly. A cold war has developed particularly with the Systems Alliance Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI) and the Salarians STG running operations against each other with deniable assets. The turians and asari have been trying to heal the rift between the two but so far the Salarian Dalatrass is unwilling to forgive or forget.

The krogan, led by Urdnot Wrex and Urdnot Bakara, have petitioned for a seat on the council and to date have the support of the humans while the turians are cautious. The asari seem leery (perhaps because there are some matrons alive who remember the Krogan Rebellions) yet open to the debate while the salarians are directly opposed. The volus and elcor have also petitioned for a seat on the Council for their efforts in the War but to date nothing has been resolved.

In the meantime the salarians have made sure to open almost all the old mass effect relays in the region (I.E. all the ones that give them an advantage) gaining a great deal of prestige in the process.

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