Tech Talents

‘Tech’ refers to talents based around reverse engineering or hacking various technologies, including hardsuit systems, weapons, and synthetic enemies like the geth. Tech talents are deployed with omni-tools.

Omni-tools are handheld devices that combine a computer microframe, sensor analysis pack, and minifacturing fabricator. Versatile and reliable, an omni-tool can be used to analyze and adjust the functionality of most standard equipment, including weapons and armor, from a distance.

The fabrication module can rapidly assemble small three-dimensional objects from common, reusable industrial plastics, ceramics, and light alloys. This allows for field repairs and modifications to most standard items, as well as the reuse of salvaged equipment. Only military omni-tools are equipped to make use of tech talents and powers. When activated, an omni-tool can appear over either of a person’s forearms and/or hands, or occasionally over both, as an orange hologram.


Anyone can play games or watch news clips on their omni-tool, but a character with training and access to a military grade omni-tool be-comes a true threat in a high tech environment. Tech Mastery requires a High Concept that demonstrates the specialized nature of this training. For example: Eccentric Quarian Engineer or Disgraced STG Infiltrator.


Each Tech Talent, Biotic Power or Combat Mastery Ability requires the character to spend a Refresh to gain access to the base ability. Each one can be improved by spending Advances on Improvements. Each Refresh spent will buy two Advance Points that can be spent on any combination of Improvements.


All Tech Talents, Biotic Powers and Combat Mastery Abilities have a Recharge number which determines how often it can be used. Armor and Weapons add their Bulk to the Recharge number and that sum is the amount of rounds it takes until the character can use a Tech Talent, Biotic Power or Combat Mastery ability again. So if a character with a combined Bulk of +3 attacked a charging Krogan with a CRYO BLAST (Recharge: 2) they would not be able to use any of their Tech or Biotic abilities for 5 rounds. Obviously it is important for characters who use a lot of Tech or Biotics to keep the Bulk of their Weapons and Armor to a minimum.


Tech bursts create a blast of electricity that inflicts severe damage on the shields of nearby enemies and has a chance of stunning them. When Tech Bursts are triggered they overload the shields of everyone in that zone (friend or foe). Unshielded opponents must face overcome a Block of Great (+4) or be Stunned and unable to act for an Exchange. Tech bursts can be triggered without being a killing blow.

Source Powers

The powers that can be activated as a tech burst are Overload, Sabotage and Energy Drain. The electrical effect of these powers will last until the beginning of the Tech Master’s next exchange.

Detonator Powers

These powers can activate a Tech Burst if they are used before the beginning of the Tech Master’s next turn:

Biotic Charge, Carnage, Cluster Grenade, Concussive Shot, Frag Grenade, Incinerate, Lift Grenade, Nova, Shockwave, Slam, Sticky Grenade, Throw, Warp


Fire explosions create a blast of flames that inflicts severe damage against nearby enemies and may also set them on fire. Fire explosions can be triggered without killing the enemy. Lesser enemies used as a source for fire explosions are instantly vaporized without leaving a corpse. A fire explosion does weapon 2 damage to all targets in the zone of the initial target. Any unshielded characters in the zone may panic as they are “on fire!”. They are blocked from any actions by a 4 point block that can be resisted with Resolve as a free action.

Source Powers

The fire effect of the powers below will last until the beginning of the Tech Master’s next exchange and sometimes longer if the power merits it. For example Incineration’s effects can be extended by evolving that power.

Carnage, Combat Drone (with “Flamethrower” evolution), Incendiary Ammo, Incinerate, Inferno Grenade.

Detonator Powers

The following powers can detonate any of the source powers listed above:

Arc Grenade, Biotic Charge,Carnage, Cluster Grenade,Concussive Shot, Frag Grenade, Homing Grenade, Incinerate, Lift Grenade, Nova,Overload, Shockwave, Slam, Sticky Grenade, Throw,Warp.


Cryo explosions create a blast of ice that may freeze nearby vulnerable enemies (all those without shields or barriers in the same zone as the initial target). Cryo explosions can be triggered by taking out an enemy that has been frozen by Cryo Blasts or Cryo Ammo with any of the powers from the list below:


It can also be triggered by a blow from Krogans with the Rage Stunt, any character using an Omni-Blade or by using Concussive Shot.

Anyone in the same zone of a Cryo Explosion must resist a Block 4 to their actions that lasts for a turn.


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