The Attican Traverse




Functional Relays: Horizon, Mindoir , Elysium


Located near the lawless Terminus Systems, the Attican Traverse was the true frontier of Citadel-controlled space. The area contains many worlds once inhabited by the Protheans, and many mass relays are located throughout the systems of the Traverse although few of them have been repaired. Before the Reapers invaded colonies established in the Traverse were subject to constant raids and attacks from the nearby Terminus Systems, but the presence of multiple worlds both rich in resources and Prothean ruins, continued to draw colonizing interest.

Though the Citadel officially claims the region as its own, the forces of the Terminus Systems have claimed many of the planets and systems to be under their control. Unwilling to engage in an all-out war against the Terminus Systems the Citadel had adopted a military non-interference policy in the region. However, the Council made no objection to the Systems Alliance’s expansion in the Traverse, because the large Alliance Navy could settle unstable regions without the Council needing to get involved. That was before the Reapers invasion.

Many refugees were lured to Sanctuary on Horizon by Cerberus and processed during their research to discover how to control the Reaper forces. Thousands of men, women and children were experimented on and turned into husks. When the Reapers learned of this they sent forces to destroy all the Cerberus facilities. A general invasion of several of the colonies in the Traverse, which to that point had been largely ignored, was initiated. While several colonies were completely destroyed many others survived intact because the Reapers simply hadn’t reached them by the time the Crucible was activated ending the war. MEFtA_Pic_Sanctuary.png

The destruction of the mass effect relays has left several colonies in the Attican Traverse at the mercy of the Terminus Systems. The whole region is hanging by a thread as commerce and trade, vital to the survival of several colonies, has been cut off completely or reduced to a trickle. The Alliance Navy, once a stabilizing force in the region, has been depleted and is stretched too thin to safeguard all of the colonies. To date the Council has ignored all pleas from the Alliance for help despite the loss of several ships.

There are even rumors that some Reaper forces survived the detonation of the Crucible because they were in isolated systems far from the relays. The Alliance has sent several scouts into the Traverse but so far has found no evidence that the Reapers have survived.

For now Alliance forces are centered in the Skyllian Verge on Elysium,Horizon and Mindoir protecting the only mass relays that have been repaired in the Traverse.

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