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Functional Relays: Arcturus Stream, Argos Rho, Exodus Cluster, Kite’s Nest, Local Cluster, Petra Nebula


Earth Systems Alliance Space is a region of the Milky Way galaxy bordered by Inner Council Space and the Attican Traverse. The name of the region is somewhat of a misnomer: While it includes Earth and much of the territory under the control of the human Systems Alliance, not all human colonies are located in this region. Moreover, it also envelops the heart of batarian space, including the batarian homeworld of Khar’shan.

Earth has increased its holdings more than tenfold since the discovery of the Charon Relay linked humanity to the rest of the galaxy. Humanity’s aggressive expansionism triggered conflicts with several neighboring species and their governments, most notably the Batarian Hegemony. Despite this, the Systems Alliance showed no signs of slowing its growth.
When the Reapers invaded they arrived in the middle of the Batarian Hegemony and gutted it. Millions if not billions of batarians were slain and worse. A horrific process turned them into the “Cannibal” soldiers used as the primary ground troop by the Reapers. Now the batarians are nearly extinct with only a few hundred thousand survivors of the onslaught. Dozens of batarian colonies lie empty and devastated. This has triggered a resource race of sorts and scavengers pick at the remains of a once proud people.

The batarians, led by the highest ranking survivor of their military, Ka’hairal Balak, have petitioned the Citadel Council for aid in preventing what they see as the invasion of their sovereign space. The krogan, declaring they wished to protect batarian assets from raiders, have taken over several of their colonies with large forces of ground troops. Many in the galaxy were shocked at how quickly they were able to mobilize and it was discovered that the krogan had retained the services of some quarians who used ships from the Migrant Fleet to transport them to the eezo rich planet of Camala. It seems that not all quarians wished to give up their nomadic ways and some still hold a grudge against the geth. There are some reports that the krogan have purged Camala of any surviving batarians to strengthen their claim on it. This has caused a great deal of tension between the Citadel Council and the krogan and this is further complicated by the presence of the small but potent quarian fleet.

The Earth Alliance, still rebuilding after the Reapers brought the brunt of their might to bear on humanity, has been doing its best to prevent the strip mining of batarian assets leading to dozens of confrontations with a variety of forces, including krogans. It was hoped that now that the Citadel is in orbit over Earth, making it the heart of galactic politics, that the Citadel Council would be more responsive to Alliance requests. But that is not the case. The asari have withdrawn to deal with their own crisis while the salarians directly, if subtly, oppose all initiatives proposed by the humans. The turians also suffered incredible losses and their forces are stretched too thin to provide any aid to the Alliance. MEFtA_CitadelEarth.png

The Earth Alliance stands alone trying to prevent krogan incursions into its space. Urdnot Wrex, who holds humanity in the highest regard because of the efforts of Commander Shepard to end the genophage, has also tried to reign in krogan incursions but he is opposed by powerful factions within his own budding government. Thus far he has been unable to do more than slow them down. This has led to an unusual alliance between humans and batarians as the two former enemies unite to protect the region. With their government destroyed the remaining batarians have eagerly embraced reforms against slavery and that promote democracy.

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