NOTE: These rules are from the Fate Mass Effect game modified slightly to conform to the differences in these rules.

Omni-tools are handheld devices that combine a computer microframe, sensor analysis pack, and minifacturing fabricator. Versatile and reliable, an omni-tool can be used to analyze and adjust the functionality of most standard equipment, including weapons and armor, from a distance. The fabrication module can rapidly assemble small three-dimensional objects from common, reusable industrial plastics, ceramics, and light alloys. This allows for field repairs and modifications to most standard items, as well as the reuse of salvaged equipment. Nearly everyone carries an omni-tool, if not for its technical benefits and utility then as a personal assistant and portable interlink. In Citadel space having an omni-tool is common among citizens.

If no Resource Points are spent then characters are assumed to have a Chameleon Tool.


Range Bonus: +0 Recharge Modifier: +0 Shields Modifier: +0 Systems: +0

Cost: 0

The most common—and affordable—omni-tool that is available to all for use. Although various manufacturers produce a number of specialized omni-tools for your needs, the baseline utility version is ubiquitous and found nearly everywhere, sold under a variety of labels and brands.


The omni-blade is a disposable silicon-carbide weapon flash-forged by the tool’s mini-fabricator. The transparent, nearly diamond-hard blade is created and suspended in a mass effect field safely away from the user’s skin. Warning lights illuminate the field so the searing-hot blade only burns what it is intended to: the opponent. Anyone with an Omni-tool can spend the Resource Point to gain an Omni-blade or a Customized Omni-blade.




Make a powerful attack with Fists that does Damage: 2. Because it takes a moment to power up and manifest the omni-blade the attack roll is made at -1.


More technically adept soldiers frequently modify their omni-tools to maximize stopping power through electrical, kinetic, or thermal energy. Some troops integrate their weapon with their kinetic barriers, transforming the omni-tool into a wrist-mounted bludgeon; others fabricate flammable gases, held in place by a mass effect field and ignited upon impact. All prove deadly surprises for opponents who expect a disarmed Alliance warrior.



NOTES: Has an Aspect that can be invoked like “Flammable”, “Electrified” or “Powerful Bludgeon”.

Make a powerful attack with Fists that does Damage: 2. Because it takes a moment to power up and manifest the omni-blade the attack roll is made at -1.


Typically the omni-tool is considered within the purview of those who use tech powers only. Truth is that anyone can benefit from an omni-tool, even front line combatants and biotic users. Omni-tools also provide several mechanical bonuses and can be customized accordingly via improvements. Each improvement costs 1 Resource Point for a bonus or costs can be reduced by taking a penalty.

Some of the improvements include:


When using powers, an omni-tool can modify the range at which these powers can be used, either reducing them in order to gain other benefits or by further extending the tech’s reach with powers.


Modify the recharge rating for all powers. This can be a negative (beneficial) or positive (penalty) value. Lowering a power’s recharge can never be less than zero.


A properly configured omni-tool can provide a bonus to a worn shield generator or draw current away from it. To provide a shield bonus the user must be wearing a shield generator or armor configured with a shield generator. An omni-tool unto itself cannot project a barrier field. The Shield bonus or penalty is added to a character’s Alertness roll when they are trying to recharge their shields.


The omni-tool can provide a benefit or penalty when making Systems rolls, depending on how it was designed. Some combat soldiers modify their omni-tools so that they excel at manufacturing more resilient onmi-blades at the expense of the tool’s computing abilities. Raising that cap number by 1 costs a Resource Point. The maximum bonus is +3.


Some omni-tools excel at hacking data nodes while others are particularly good at making detailed data recordings. When you choose this improvement, the weapon gains Damage: +2, +2 Penetration, or +2 to rolls under specific circumstances or against specific targets. The GM is the final arbiter of what circumstances or targets are too general or too specific. In general, you should get the benefit of the specialization at least a couple of times per session, but probably not much more than that.


The omni-blade from this omni-tool is either more or less effective against armored opponents. Increase its Penetration by 1 for +1 Resource Point or reduce it by 1 for -1 Resource Point.


You can add an aspect to your omni-tool. This aspect can be invoked and compelled just like any aspect.


The cost in Resource Points to obtain the omni-tool.



Range Bonus: +0 Recharge Modifier: -1 Shields Modifier: -1 Systems: +1

Qualities: None.
Cost: 1

The Aldrin Labs-manufactured Bluewire tool is your next step up from the traditional omni-tool. It was one of the first tools to provide a Systems bonus when using tech-related skills and it reduces recharge times. Unfortunately, to do so a heavy power drain is created, lowering the wearer’s kinetic shield pool making it harder to recharge shields when they are taken down.


Range Bonus: +0 Recharge Modifier: +1 Shields Modifier: +1 Systems: +0

Qualities: Specialized: Sabotage VI.
Cost: 1

Made by Ariake Technologies, high-yield capacitors channel additional energy into the user’s shield grid, providing a minor improvement. Unfortunately—and somewhat counter-intuitive to its name—the Logic Arrest tool has limited technical or system application capabilities. However, when used to plant a virus or perform an overload against a VI-controlled system, the Logic Arrest tool receives a +2 bonus.


Range Bonus: 0 Recharge Modifier: -2 Shields Modifier: +0 Systems: +1

Qualities: None.
Cost: 3

Armali Council’s Nexus Tool is highly-regarded in technical circles as providing good bang for the buck. While its range is somewhat limited, it gives a massive recharging capacitor to ensure that tech powers are readily available to use at a moment’s notice. The tool also gives a minor bonus but has room to grow and remain in service beyond its inception date. The Nexus 6 version was particularly testy in that regard.


Range Bonus: +1 Recharge Modifier: -1 Shields Modifier: +1 Systems: +2

Qualities: None.
Cost: 5

The Polaris line of tools has had good success over the years. Kassa Fabrication’s desire to provide a tool with no true downsides puts it in a class of its own. Unfortunately its high cost makes it out of reach for save the most dedicated of engineers.


Range Bonus: 0 Recharge Modifier: -2 Shields Modifier: +2 Systems: +3

Qualities: None.
Cost: 7

This is the tool of choice if you use any kind of tech abilities. Having gone through several iterations over the years, Serrice Council has finally settled on a model that provides all the needs that techs are looking for, although at a premium cost. Serrice has an annoying practice of keeping their designs under tight wraps and sending the community into a flurry of excitement with each reveal.


Range Bonus: 0 Recharge Modifier: +2 Shields Modifier: +0 Systems: +2

Qualities: Specialized: Hacking, Aspect: CUTTING EDGE.
Cost: 5
A relatively new up-and-comer in the omni-tool arena, Elkoss Combine has nonetheless hit a home run with their Cipher tool, regarded as the must have omni-tool for any serious hacker. Optimized software runs in parallel to drive a multi-threaded attack threat vector for the user, significantly speeding up attempts to bypass system security. The obvious downside is that the power requirements for the tool are exceedingly large and cause a long delay between tech usage. When used to hack a system, the Cipher tool provides a +2 bonus.


Range Bonus: +1 Recharge Modifier: 0 Shields Modifier: +1 Systems: +0

Qualities: Penetration: 1.
Cost: 3

These are military-grade omni-tools, made available to very select forces. Acquiring them is extremely difficult, except for those in the military. The HMOT Basic model is used for battlefield commandos with tech abilities. While the omni-tool itself doesn’t provide any tech benefits, it does have a slight shield protection upgrade and better close-quarters damage capability.


Range Bonus: +0 Recharge Modifier: -2 Shields Modifier: +1 Systems: +1

Qualities: Penetration: 2.
Cost: 6

Like the HMOT Basic, the Advanced version has a decidedly military feel. This model imposes some restrictions on powers in an effort to bolster defensive and offensive capabilities. The omni-blade has been hardened significantly.


Range Bonus: +1 Recharge Modifier: +0 Shields Modifier: +0 Systems: +2

Qualities: Aspect: CUSTOM MADE, Penetration: 2.
Cost: 6

The Master series are always custom made for their wearer, allowing them to more easily control the tool for their needs. The tool’s melee capabilities allow it to make short work of most combatants while still providing a healthy tech bonus.

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