Outer Council Space



Functional Relays: Parnitha, Fortis, Pelion, The Serpent Nebula, Kypladon, Phontes


Outer Council Space consists of the majority of space claimed by the asari as well as the elcor homeworld. It is bordered by Inner Council Space and the Attican Traverse.

While the elcor content themselves with their home system and a handful of colonies, the asari have settlements across the territory. Easily the most economically powerful sector of the galaxy, the asari worlds used their financial clout to keep the galactic market stable. Their military fleets patrolled shipping lanes and colony space against smugglers arriving via relays from the Attican Traverse.

This region was hit incredibly hard by the Reapers as they very nearly eradicated both the asari and elcor. Because of the vast amount of resources available it has bounced back admirably. However, the asari seem to have suffered a great blow psychologically as well as physically.

Thesia was leveled by the Reapers. The Asari military, while potent, was just not designed for the kind of toe-to-toe battle that it was embroiled in when the Reapers landed. Guerrilla raids and targeted assassinations, which the deadly asari huntresses excelled at, were meaningless tactics against the Reapers. The overwhelming force of heavy infantry decimated the asari military forces and casualties were incalculable. MEFtA_Pic_ThessiaDestroyed.png

In the aftermath and rebuilding the asari have become somewhat insular. They no longer seek to stabilize the galactic market and instead have turned their attentions to rebuilding their own house. Some of the Matron’s are calling for a fundamental change to the military, and indeed to their very culture, to ensure that the Jewel of the Galaxy is never again threatened by outside forces. They suggest that a tighter hand must be used if the asari are to be safe in a galaxy as dangerous as the one that was left to them.

Many of the relays in the region have been repaired but the asari are vigilant about who is allowed travel in their domain.

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