Weapon & Ammo Upgrades

Below is a selection of Upgrades that can be selected to customize weapons. Unlike the Improvements above they can be added after a weapon is purchased or acquired. Weapon Upgrades are bought separately from a weapon for a cost of a Resource Point. Some Weapon Upgrades have a second level which can be bought at a cost of +2 Resource Points.

Each weapon can only have 2 Weapon Upgrades plus a single active Ammo Upgrade.



Attach an omni-blade to an assault rifle or shotgun for Weapon 2 damage.


Stability-enhancing scope increases accuracy while moving and taking damage. Negates the Alertness Penalty caused by the Scoped Improvement.


Lengthens barrel, creating greater bullet velocity and impact. Adds +1 Damage to a weapon. A second level, at a Cost of +2 RPs, can be purchased for +2 to damage but because of the extra length of the barrel adds Bulk +1.


Increases heat conductivity of thermal clip receiver. Negates heat generated by some shots. The “Out of ammo” Aspect created by Autofire cannot be free-tagged. If a weapon has Autofire x2 it will only negate the FIRST free tag unless the weapon also has the High Capacity improvement or the Magazine Upgrade.


Increases magazine capacity, allowing more shots before reload. The “Out of ammo” Aspect created by Autofire cannot be free-tagged. If a weapon has Autofire x2 it will only negate the FIRST free tag unless the weapon also has the High Capacity improvement or the Heat Sink Upgrade.


Capacitor boosts kinetic coil generators, increasing shot penetration versus armor but at the price of reducing overall damage. Adds +1 to a weapon’s Penetration against Armor at the cost of reducing its Damage by 1. A second level can be acquired providing a +2 to Armor Penetration with a Damage penalty of 2 for a cost of +2 RPs.


Simple 2x-4x optical scope to enhance stability and increase the effective Maximum Range by +1. Only Assault Rifles, Pistols or Submachineguns can use this Upgrade. A second level can be acquired providing a +2 to Maximum Range for a cost of +2 RPs. However, the second level penalizes the Alertness skill -1 in the same manner as the Scoped Improvement above.


Servo motors hooked up to adjustable system tighten or loosen pellet spread for maximum accuracy. Adds 1 to a shotgun’s Maximum range.


Distributes recoil with sliding system of counterweights compatible with kinetic coil generators. Reduces weapon kickback. This reduces the Attack Penalty of using Autofire by 1 point. This upgrade can be bought at a second level for a cost of +2 RPs.


Reduce a weapon’s Bulk by 1 per level for a Resource Point per level with a maximum reduction of 2.


A player may select an Ammunition Upgrade for a Resource Point of just like any other equipment. When an Ammo Upgrade is selected it can be applied to any and all weapons in a character’s kit. To switch between different ammo upgrades takes a supplemental action.


This type of ammunition is derived from tungsten. This extremely dense, heavy metal is about 1.7 times heavier than lead, and far more difficult to deform than steel. It is excellent for use in armor-piercing type ammunition. Adds +2 to Armor Penetration but at a cost of -1 to overall Damage.


When activated, the user’s weapon is empowered and has a chance of freezing enemies without any special defenses for a short time, preventing them from moving. This is a block against Athletics checks to move from an area equal to the weapon’s Damage. Frozen enemies are more susceptible to damage (+1 Penetration against Armor) and can even be shattered for an instant kill.


When activated, the player’s weapon is empowered by an electric field that causes additional damage to shields negating 1 point of the bonus shields provide to defense rolls. The ammo also deals +2 increased damage to synthetic enemies like the Geth who have the ELECTROMAGNETIC VULNERABILITY weakness.


When activated, the user’s weapon causes fire damage to enemies, burning through armor (+1 Penetration against it) and setting them on fire. This stops health regeneration, and can cause unprotected organic enemies to panic for a FATE point. Synthetic enemies are resistant to fire damage and get a +1 Armor against it.


This ammo tears through soft targets, inflicting more damage to unprotected organic enemies (+2 damage) at the cost of armor penetration (-2 Penetration).


Warp Ammo is effective against biotic barriers, armor and organic Targets. It provides a +2 damage against Barriers, +1 Penetration against Armor or +1 Damage against organic unarmored or unshielded targets.

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